NLS RECORDS ++ Visual record label ++


All product in the digital origin with emphasis with analogue format before NLS has audiovisual music environment and label, it’s beginning with an alliance of visual documentary and motiongraphic artists and producer. Therefore the meaning to start a record store is in the abilities to convert tools and skills into customization for audience another portal to more interesting music and producers that once made the de facto of performance and format to considered all with the future of moving images, sounds and music from the dawn of our digital age.

1. The Nonlinear Records Store.

NONLINEAR Records AND NLSRECORDS provides internet-based retail sales of physical music products and merchandise, tickets and various other products. NLSRECORDS [DOT] NET is a Store.

2. payment & shipping

Overall the intended Conditions are transforming at all times and the development of the business website is ever changing, we are creating NLSRECORDS [DOT] NET to understand the development and of our creation (the webstore)  i.e. The products (formats) of building a better design for the portal that has its basis on information using the NLSRecords Store to service your data with delivery of your purchase by proceeding to processing your payments, comments or stem of acknowledgement in the intend for accuracy, current and completion of your delivery information. All products are listed in Hong Kong Dollars($.)

3. return policy

At this moment, performative on behalf of the Company you owe the right to return the product/format if shipment has been damaged during delivery, although the return shipment cost will not be paid or insured by NLSRECORDS unless further assessment is made via contacting us. []