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The Privacy
Your privacy is important to NLS Records. When you browse NLSRecords.NET, your Personal Information will not be revealed by NLS. In general, NLS Records is a programme in NLS, and begins just like any starting mobile device or anything other than a non flash or AIR™ API.

Meanwhile we serve to design and use encryption at our portals, these very complex of non-structural data are not backwards encrypted and will not be copied to unknown loci, or locked in a loop(even if you signin,) we are not a soul keykeeper, and by design the product is created for you.

Information control
By any digital Sequences of a machine groups; an innovation is there to list of the compatible intelligent network by the NonLinear Limited company. Therefore it is the business, registered to the city of Hong Kong, Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap.310) with all networks and protocols, for the software is intermittent, transfer and communicate during the course of our connectivity via temporal spatial networks(NLS), liable to Hong Kong law.

In using the search, the design, it is best for the network protocol of the best available and liable interface to communicate.

Tools for Information Gathering and Other Technologies
From any recurring information or tools used by producer to revealing braodwidth in the sequencing of unique structure are to be assigned by the system of NLS (Online System) and it can be reassigned and copied and deleted in reconnecting the history of “the cloud” or any terms under “network” from any electronic (i+J+N) devices.

Business Communication
Computer technologies that become tie by brands of product are within the reach of internet reference by standard search engines via P2P, intranet or internet connections.

Overall the signifying design is prepared for a network of changes and activities are modified at anytime without the consent of the users.

We do not encourage hacking or any activities of monitoring, that can affect the services for users and disrupt the use of the website’s API or server’s data that belongs to NLSRecords.NET

NLSRecords.NET does not encourage information transfers in any social network and for personal practice of dis-information for “Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2009” by harvest deep information or solid-state information or data mining for processing of any act of personal act with NMAP.

As long as there are explanations  with the guiding principle in science, mathematics or philosophical movement that is to enlightened or via a movement of transformation through a “thinking” collective of a “human”; this organization is for supporting the real matter of publishing, design content and notions belong to information, retrievals and cultivation of technologies.

Questions Regarding this Statement
ALL network(s) PPP  or domain parking is forbidden.