Common Information Model – Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach – have you ever seen a butterfly on a beach, rarely you will see them because if the wind picks up they will end up in the ocean so you will unlikely see them on the beach. And if you do see one try catching it and bring them back to a safe

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New Releases – Project AOA ver.2

about the project: Form follow Axis through wavelength of network, instruments convergence is an overtake for all sound device current electrical system; H. focusing towards the way we produce sound Perhaps we need to focus on how we receive sound The environment is collectively building a data for the network of sound authority. Now if suppose

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Tapes of Skynet from the past

MetaDATA JIMMY HOWE·MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2016 The process of forging mechanical Origins folio verso to a meaning of forge, the very meaning of Origin selection 2 arrangement next type of primitive strategies are forming and selecting from simply matching content2format and as a result to get the origin of multiple projects into the space

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