ASCII8 – Naked Nuras Loves Rave

An instrument(musical) lost from the secrecy at the birth of eastern religious’ ritual of the Bodhisattvas. Or an mathematical imprint for the Atmos and of “The Cosmos.”

Thus a frequency bass is space, for the purpose of calmness and healing.

Perhaps we can travel the world in search of something that can bring human together, understand the culture on the other side of the planet, and perhaps we can travel the universe in search of life, and unstated view on the certainty of humanity and the future of the planet, Earth.

The travel of the time, goes back to far beyond the history of human understanding of stars and space?! They are much further than the stories of H G Wells or further than that of the Eyptian and the Mayans, as the civilization of the 21st century we much like to know what hold for us on this planet in the future….