Ån Academy of Visual Music during the Renaissance


Consider this is a playlist is a anti-thesis on visual music, it is because I am as circular and as angularity for ideas of conscience of fictional figurative Visual but on the progress we have learnt during the Renaissance[1] that ideas are mixed reality regaining  again by existing paradoxical learning from formal function of an (generated)education artist for whom that these angles are revealed in colour and splendour of their coordinates by a control of varies source from sound scores to algorithmic fictions in a world, co-existed by variant’s narrator or his exponent in his composed music.

The time has changed and indeed it is a mathematical of a binary of [1110] or binary-14, as this is a decision base on the function of a programmer and thus without underestimating the indemnity on the out come of the project that has been programmable in space for the two character sets 回 or “return home.”

From the triple strokes [|||] a triangular of angulations on the character of stage, home turning to a regenerate of a renegade and to become a few strokes of orientated in Chinese characters to the stages of how we  that river becomes run through, we will generate this arrangement of water oasos system:: by a co-axis on coordinates there are, much more, than the Cartesian grid, the more you see in all the programs; the layout is by algorithmic structure of modular or set blocks, not in a loop but maybe nested structure in basic, that the execution is (non)timed and the runtime is supported by the tonal activity of mouse and the speed of the GPU’s connection between the output and input but not so applied just to reaction of the processing of the numbers but by gestures of random orders.

But with that in mind I hope of connecting by having to navigation system of IDE and turn that language in to visual musica. By interlaterus,  to bring the visual input from a static structure into a dynamic structure on screen or on the stage by connecting screen from the design of visual and lighting to a live setting with this creature of poetic character and formalism. New to forming an interpretation of typographic landscape of logic; visual characterisation, ad-libra into the visual music memory by the instrument of choice’s our ways of seeing.