Common Information Model – Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach – have you ever seen a butterfly on a beach, rarely you will see them because if the wind picks up they will end up in the ocean so you will unlikely see them on the beach. And if you do see one try catching it and bring them back to a safe place and distance.
Butterfly beach also have meaning that if you discovery is human pre-mortal sense to over come problem or find new hope and ideas. When you reach for a better place your heart will be life a butterfly beach where your life is transformed back to nature.

New although I find the synth is not setup completely, I will be trying to put out new free listening tracks in the next few days hope you enjoy it as much as I am playing them.

the story coming from, how are we being watched
information that is view from more perspective sector 7 in the interface that controls the two video signals going to the LCD projectors

20th century ctrl and that is the condition through working more layers providing the thinking endusers’ process to become understood by equipment