The way we produce sound II: Live Coding and Electronic Sound

Can programming an electronic set be driving through DATA and become the normal way of life in the music industry or many facts pointing to the direction of accurate programming assistant in production and the indemnity to identification for scientific community and in field of internet that includes the digital music production to capitalizing on sound design and audio visual design.

live coding tidalcycle

Within the live coding installation, the environment trend to be extremely hard to compile with some OS, I usually only try to install it through a slate computer using only one method via command or terminals within the system design, a clean laptop or OS would be become a decade of dedicated computer for beginning, it is always scratching the surface, likely my coding skill is partly on my programming languages, I might be able to read different programming language I do find it hard to compile effectively in codes most of the time. Always practice make perfect, and be inventive about all. I will update more programming interpreters or IDE.

Kompakt Records

A short video to introduce the Kompakt records store with one of their partners – Michael Meyer in Cologne, Germany. Video by Jimmy Howe