Computer Music – the beginnings

List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach

Lejaren Hiller

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Computer Viruses in the 80’s

What was the very first known virus written in 1981 called?

1981- The “Elk Cloner” for the Apple II Systems was created by Richard Skrenta. It infected the Apple DOS 3.3 and spread to other computers by floppy disk transfer. The “Elk Virus” was responsible for being the first computer virus to cause a massive outbreak ever in history.

The Albion One by Spitfire Audio


I would think this would be the ideal virtual instrument packages to purchase a worth spent money on yourself if you are a serious producer whom look at a huge library to begin with your album EP/ LP (Long Play.) In virtual instruments  a lots of sound this might not consider sampling or jump sound, or Sensory Cue but rather become a DIY sound archivist. The principle of collecting sound or making a library that you will not rely on just one but all kinds of recordings for each album you create that will continued to collect sound as an sample for music. Production with virtual instruments and using libraries are not necessarily a way to created or to ease your workloads. A producer will make sampling less of the task but in fact it might give you more spatial range in order to create an ontime sequence and also create more uniqueness within your music. Collecting sound from in the field of recording out of the studio is a technique to create tonal sound principles, allowing a freer sequencing or design that the producer usually would not expect to have and by intentions the outcome of producing the programme of choice will inspire a holistic approach to sound recording for musician: basically like a refreshment is mainly for the approach for sound designer and producer’s projection on their tracks when being layered.

SPITFIRE AUDIO  built the library ALBION ONE based on the Albion Volume 1 (ceased distribution of sales in 2015 3rd quarters.)