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A letter to the Editor of a newspaper in Hong Kong’s English language newspaper

I saw your program on TVb

I will share the same interest and understanding of environmental forces and the technical issues facing the new century the 21st-century in becoming the causality of Asian provision and emergency engineering and architectural design in the field of engineering and prevention for natural causes in building and information hub in Hong Kong

I have a Masters degrees in design information technology and training in architectural and urban design planning

I like to get in touch with a intern understanding as an entrepreneur role or partnership in my specialisation in art technologies.

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Another Visualist Manifesto

I will be at the festival next weekend

a manifesto about performance and technologies

As the progress of internet architecture in scale progression on the landscape, I am within an acceptable loudness and has become an associate on the newly formed plasticity

As a producer producing tracks that are mostly on how to create a louder, non-classification and I am only capable of acceptance from the sameness in knowing that they have come in hands and are whom on the technological forth front of the mere group of outcoming. It is us and of them knowledge on the undisruptive flow of sound. The accord is on how much harder we have to choose and from an array of instruments the newest setup of tools and choice on our producers that have over been here a few decades ago, therefore we should have an ensembles of weird, structure and uncategorize functions within the entire collection of sounds and art and musical genesis…in even if we know how dance the movement or other stuff, formalized in sound and purposes for performances. So de musique du lethargic can be in actuality reflected to the post-humans performance as a diverse specifica au pre-temps.

In the absence of electronic visual music and with the control in the centralization of real values therefore within the accountable human design, how much do we stress upon in order to progress by an idea but not bunch of ideologies that could prevent us the unnecessary stress on the conditionals and thousands plateaus.



Ficciones – Paul Prudence 12″ double Vinyl album

Paul Prudence has been prominent on the festival circuit over the years delivering a deluge of mesmerizing, floor-to-ceiling, flickering live audio-visual experiences. He is known for his complex evolving geometric narratives tightly synchronised to dense electronic sound. During performances the audience become an integral part of his geometric narratives, travelling through constructivist forms and hyperplanes.

Digital release, vinyl pre-order before the 3rd of March via #Kudosrecords #UK

The Art of Turning nobbs

I understand this affair of the art of DJing and performance moral, but if we are to honor ourself mutally  the next generation of DJs VJs or performance artist on Social Networks, maybe it’s time to pay the artists to actually have enough time to prepare their contents and respect the local talents by furthering exchange of social status and space for the next generation of producers and performance artists. Any producer want to send me demo please email me at especially if you are in Hong Kong and Mainland China, I will find time to publish your work online.


Jimmy Howe

How stranger to listenings in Common Information Model – New Release

About This Release:

drawing is illustrational, the soundtrack is to become a work that is a process of man and machine, and from the beginning the definition of keeping what can be the objective for a visual and sound idea, the structure is freely experimented, yet some logic and rule might become an application from creator of Naked Nuras Loves Rave, and these inputs are like mathematical description from the processed extensive range of design throughout the structure of the project via programming within a space synth music.

In any illustration of musicial notation or mathematic of illustrative form, Common Information Model here is something that might have conincidential with the visual music and the example from intercepting a past. CiM is thought to maybe to help you to find not only Minminal or Techno through our exponent of audiophili, but these artistic rendering in liquid music for most often create numerious high qualities sound bite tracks witin a sequence of time in turning around the spinning strata.

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Album: Retape Kernel Mono [ALBUM]
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Title: Retape Kernel Mono
Artist: Common Information Model
Label: NLS Records
Cat#: NLSR2120018
Formats: Digital
Digital Release: 5th October 2018

Music Affair remix Foreign Affair

Very often I see that listening to music is a pleasurable act

Making music is no, it is actually a very long process of a battle to create music that I think got an acsethic to the eqation

I begin my journey as an producer for over a decade and proceed to create the kind of music that I think I can “make difference”

But here is the no so idealistic truth to the design of music distribution in my modus operadi and that no one want me to create music or have some kind of control over the people who only blame on people that this is not traditional sound, this is not music we wanted, and you are not a proper musician who plays music or a dj to that fact.

Mostly it is not about streaming music or creating a fan base and follower on music blog or website i.e. spotify etc.

In the opening of the book by Neil Stephenson the “Diamond Age” describing two dudes living in a remote corner of the world in the future, monitoring a huge selection of people lives within the matrix of a video screen in a basement, without lives of their own…here is the point if my service to the people are only give to the service to those whom only are there to monitor my behaviors and only go on soundcloud to undertone my income by finding the free-listening portals, even as an after thought of knowing this reality has begun quietly in my entire live, this quiet revolution of massive control over people, and generally speaking over a selective few, undertones of displacement in condition of the massively influential few by some warlords of disassembly in the ether or in the ephemeral, and the truth is other than the true reason of what is actually being said here.

The big question is that working for myself and becoming my own boss is nothing to be concern exception on the levels that losing money to create my work that does the speaking of the ideologies of universe is separately living within a world of programmes and projected reality, and whether the system in place is a holographic reality and only within the condition of system universal is allow for communications.

Then what are we doing here in the first place to create or be creative? I don’t think so, as that is not a problem of psychologies anymore but a philosophical one.

Music is a system created to not for entertainment only, it is an idea to form communication, regime, dialogue and perhaps even in the state of propaganda, maybe here lies a religious problem but I am not really saying about the doubtful problem of our society as a whole spectrum of skeptics.

New idea are often a variable to the systematic and therefore if indeed the experimental lives on earth has an intend for the future of humans, then we are all subjective to the control environment. Even when the thought of performance is in the mind of a few whom knowing who I am and might be able to contrive to their liking and interest of their social interest but really I am not you like mind persona or artist and that we might share the same feelings but not the same social interest or decision to be made to only make do of social interest and wasting time to fight the crowd and whitenoise of the people who belief system is eat, shit and sleep. I think the programme to receive is really unduly a fact that living system in Hong Kong has been a very experimental fight against the old colonial establishment, a rather different independence from the humanism we are thinking about wealth, finance and freedom. It is a basis of the fundamentalism in human social condition of theories who think wealth is a form of freedom and at democratic but in fact this world is not created base on wealth or freedom but slavery, war and social unrest, within the social ideology of against the freewill of B.F Skinner and in the nation state of freedom is just the F word like FUCK YOU, Anarchist and free speech, but within this nation state, the talk of autonomy and freedom is not just a way to start up a chaotic future for the people in the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the citizen of the HKSAR, the fact is we are bunch of isolated people, we did not relation to the idea of wealthy state or freewill, we have not been able to agree on the antithesis of human basic right within the one country two systems, due to this fact of harmony and social grouping, we are the outsiders, we do not speak in the same universal language or so call optional judicial system of the country; China. We were not a state of communism and did not have the foundation of communism manifesto. But we know we are patriots to the motherland because local people in Hong Kong are Chinese from China mostly.

What is the issue at hand is that my experience is telling me that Hong Kong people cannot unified their believes due to the OPEN DOOR POLICY to the entire world and toward other savage nations who only want to take control of the wealthy states, including our own Chinese people, I think the word savage is intentional to say how indifferent Hong Kong people have been with foreign affairs and the generosity with accepting difference in people and racial openness. But who is there to be indifference towards my own people, I doubt the fact that anyone would be able to come to terms with people of difference like Hong Kong people have been in our generation!

Focusing towards the way we produce sound

When focusing towards the way we produce sound

Perhaps we need to focus on how we receive sound

“The phenomenon is collectively building a data for the network of sound authority.”

Now if suppose we are building a network within the environment to create collectivity in the impaired like putting a fabric of invisibly to create information that is able to all understanding of subliminal information from data listener.

The environment of experimental sound existed as a form of identifying elemental notion from the occult and the obscure scene everywhere, but indeed the idea that existed in the plain and landscape of sky catcher or the cathedral of inner world that only finding out that our interior is non inferior by the brittleness and the cohabitation of egotistical and madness about social status within this region or the mentalities that existed in thousand plateaus.

For example if we are building for hearing impaired individuals or perhaps weak impairment in what visualizing sound in tread how supposedly that inaudible system become a friendly reminder of repaired function when invisible data will be covering over the entire cities of globally from speech generators to human vibrations and of course the mechanical process of sound wall within the verticality of our cities.

Towards the reasonable dimension of keeping an virtual state of flux, we cannot allow sound to be muted and only looking for investment that has no gains or return of investment. But only as repairman can do in the repairing for soundwall or treatment in audio treads. There are sound tactical design within the environment when sensitivity meets construction, per sa the focus in towards HOW WE PRODUCE SOUND.

PRODUCTION IN SOUND has to be an input and output  function, intake of air and output of sound, for a localization of air intake of silent air purifier for example FOG  and air pollution will generate water and carbon dioxide molecules/nano particules.

Sound in design as often as a by product of intake in non-reuseble or collection of sounds and that in sense  generate a vibro either by chance or via a responsive design of mannerism in reproduction in sound visualization.”

Although we have no chance of blocking the sound wall from the overall travels in the vertically in format and within a landscape, and for the most diverse soundscape is coming from all the walls within the building blocks of machines of living creatures. When you apply the use of mechanical reproduction ideas towards useless sound tactics/fractions of WHITENOISE a psychological statement is associated with memories and moods.

FOCUS on verticality and localization of the grassroots’ lost in translations has meaning both information and data. This focus are scale towards sound that has many attributes, for example within the sociological production of older architectures the sound tension is a visual idea without analytically designing natural homes for low rise housing as visual concept is more interesting and without lost in translations with lost of complex ideas.

The blacken room

Drum shord and roar

The micro tonal generating sound of the tribal-ture-net

text<naked nuras loves rave/cim>

Particle – Dfuse and Matthias Kispert

Particle alludes to the fragmented reality of everyday life, deconstructing the urban fabric to
reveal a city that exists as much in an immaterial web of connections as it does in actual
space. In todayʼs cities, new spaces have appeared along the places we know and live in:
spaces of flows, webs of connections for communication, exchange and control that have
come to transcend the limitations of actual physical space. In what is one of the main driving
forces behind globalisation, traditional ideas of territory have almost been dissolved, while
new centres of power are emerging at the nodal points that regulate the flows of global networks.

– Dfuse