La Habana de la Cuba

Long before I was told this story. The moment is only a **significant part of my memory**. In the world where we believe there **is a science fiction**. There is no longer a single way to buy your way into the world of imagination. They have all behold there, that is the moment in their

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Congo – The documentary

Approaching the TV is not normal for me. And once awhile I like to see TV in a much more focused way. Aftermath of the Nepal earthquake and nature shaping mankind in a way we cannot use words to explain its phenomenon. There might be amazing stunts on youtube but this is some wildest –

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Inside China – their digital economy


Currently, all music services in China offer music to consumers for free. For some, the music service is merely an appendage by which to draw in user traffic, which they then divert and monetize by other means, especially for the bigger portals like Baidu. It is rarely about the music at all, which is a

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2K-BOX and the future of music(Asia)


In the precise manner of speaking, I am getting abit over anger at some of these Asia nations, mostly become of some, timely and untold ideas to differentiate independent film producer, or music(producer) within the APAC, that we no longer could make proceedings with self-censorship. As in this case for piracy or copyrights, or from

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Quayola/NLS + Matter

NLS is presenting you the soundtrack of Matthias Kispert by the Master works of QUAYOLA collection. Matter is a time-based digital sculpture; a celebration of matter itself, the substance of all physical things. It describes a continuous dynamic articulation of a solid, pure block of matter, from the simplest primitive forms to the highest details

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AN INTERVIEW VDMX – THE CREATOR JOHNNY DEKAM Many time interviews are missing from proposed project. Here is a designed interview for or VDMX creator and their collective PURE/Dekam Questions: 1: Music scene in your Performance, how did it commence, was it in Vienna? I started performing while in graduate studies at Rensselaer in

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RecordStoreDay – Hong Kong

An exclusive, inside-look at one of Hong Kong’s best kept secret “diggin’ the crates” spots. Roy C. Malig plans a trip for all the vinyl collectors/djs only once or twice a year to Paul’s warehouse location. Featured in this short film is Paul (warehouse owner), Roy C. Malig, Johnny Hiller, Jimmy Howe, Afraid Thomas, Fat

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念能力人的普樂 – NNLR

這個比方沒有太多東西可給大家看。 There is no better stuff for other people to see, but sometimes I put a lot of effort in creating sound or music in a bad literature study XD (Intro Music has No names) 來一個無名樂響。Internet is like this, don’t like it don’t read here. Night time Music, good or bad? I can’t write Chinese,

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Reason of The Instrument of Transforming


Technics turntable the beginning at the end of the crossroad of Technics SL-1200MKII series   I would like to be able to begin with the history of the most influential instrument of the last half of the 20th century. The turntable that have been the history of the most heretic instrument of all time in the

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