Ån Academy of Visual Music during the Renaissance

Consider this is a playlist is a anti-thesis on visual music, it is because I am as circular and as angularity for ideas of conscience of fictional figurative Visual but on the progress we have learnt during the Renaissance[1] that ideas are mixed reality regaining  again by existing paradoxical learning from formal function of an (generated)education artist for whom that

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Common Information Model – Butterfly Beach

IRAL copy

New although I find the synth is not setup completely, I will be trying to put out new free listening tracks in the next few days hope you enjoy it as much as I am playing them. the story coming from, how are we being watched information that is view from more perspective sector 7

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New Releases – Project AOA ver.2


about the project: Form follow Axis through wavelength of network, instruments convergence is an overtake for all sound device current electrical system; H. focusing towards the way we produce sound Perhaps we need to focus on how we receive sound The environment is collectively building a data for the network of sound authority. Now if suppose

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Tapes of Skynet from the past

MetaDATA JIMMY HOWE·MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2016 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(Terminator) The process of forging mechanical Origins folio verso to a meaning of forge, the very meaning of Origin selection 2 arrangement next type of primitive strategies are forming and selecting from simply matching content2format and as a result to get the origin of multiple projects into the space

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Jimmy Howe lofi recordings


The release of the formalize sound on the technique of experimental ambient form through a cutting technique of Self sampling and retriving the sound of constructed and massive delinearity of forma and stylistic methods. The collection of bypassed selection or reso-mapping on the form from the beats to the bits of sound thought and identification

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NLS Mixtape XVI


Only left with the second half of explicit materials recorded today since explicit because it is produce and recorded only momentarily to exist, if it isn’t your style of music, it is not your style of input. [NLS] # # # #  

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Common Information Model Debut Album

Kudos Distribution (UK) Music live like water flowing down mountains. As we understand that the patterns from experimental problem is affecting mostly in our populated world; clean water and drinkable water is going to be a major agenda in parts of the world’s more populated countries like India and China. From the inception view, the

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