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There is no better stuff for other people to see, but sometimes I put a lot of effort in creating sound or music in a bad literature study XD (Intro Music has No names) 來一個無名樂響。Internet is like this, don’t like it don’t read here. Night time Music, good or bad?

I can’t write Chinese, but trying again! Dying to speak and starting a music label is logical? Yet funny but happy to continue to write. Back in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, people with the same interest are here, only if time will wait for anyone. In music we call this space or Spatial, also representation of time sequence. In both learning about Music or Chinese language has to be self taught, I use google. But this isn’t a place for us and neither it has become not a random access memory(only realization.) I speak Chinese everyday. It represent the meaning of an experimental sound artist but not important if it is all but about writing primary composition, keep on going!

Some compare the sound to the west, but people, really? Ask us about any interest as work. Can we see a renaissance?? IF is not me it’s not good…haha. Though long about getting someone to translate, Why do I need a translator?! The point is because only music meet science, not many audience see us produce music that are essence in time of music and producers. Slow music!? LOL


可笑的是一些中文也不會用的我! 言亡也不是和開label的logic。但笑笑是開心的哬也要一值continue to write. 回國十多年香港也有了很多友人! 但時間不會 waiting for anyone. In music we call this space or Spatial, also representation of time sequence.

中文或是音樂都要自己學,你看書、我用google. 這個地方是沒有你我、也不是random access memory. 中國的方言也是長年可用的一們學舉。也是很象音樂experimential artist 的名字。沒有大不了!你天真也要作下去嗎? 有用的人或是比西方的sound?? 問我們的interests?? 真的像黃金時代? IF is not me it’s not good…haha.

Why do I need a translator?! 想了很多年了! 見地 because only music 科学也不多人會看我們做樂的味候也不會改的音樂是時代。慢慢的歌 是 slow music!?



Reason of The Instrument of Transforming



Technics turntable the beginning at the end of the crossroad of Technics SL-1200MKII series


I would like to be able to begin with the history of the most influential instrument of the last half of the 20th century. The turntable that have been the history of the most heretic instrument of all time in the vinyl culture.


This device have been out of production since 2010

This is an instrument of two and a half decade of influence amount turntablist and DJ. This is an extralrdinary period for the rise of the DJ culture. Amount the equipment the turntable and the Technics brand have had to became the only instrument for the performance of this very creative and rationalé for DJ. Their artform of understanding the unique identity amount producer and instrumentalist, relying on the DJs to select the tunes, the culture of the Technics SP-1200 MKII had to be the one for any professional DJ/turtablist….


The movement of a very important era where the rise of the CD from the former cassette tape and pre- scratching of the hip hop vinyl movement. The amount not only Hip Hop DJ was relying on the Technics SP-1200 as “the instrument”, amount to the last half of the 20th century vinyl have to be the choice of medium for musician and DJ and to become the choice for collectors. But without this turntable, all those DJ and want to be without feathered bird, non-usable content records like these decks we need to recalled…


Technics was indeed the defacto instrument of choice, there are many companies and manufacturer out there while could not penetrate those professional turntablist to convert and represent this DJ culture in the last two and three decade in music instrumental success like what Technics SP-1200 did for the music industry. Hereto the movement for real instant culture of pop music created another genre not in Hip Hop and turntablist scratching, the electronic musician have a mass of followers amount the DJ who begin to see the return of analogue sounds; from the experimental independent label and of Bass/ Breaks, to dubstep producers, nonetheless Techno crowds and DJ are largely Technics fan cum DJ. There is really why no other brand out there able to find a niche into these DJ and collector as for the decline in music records and CD sells, the market is uniquely driven by a standard that is only the defacto instrument for a culture that transformed so rapidly by the introduction of new technology like internet and P2P file transfer. What internet have bought us to an arrested development for easy accessible to other people’s library and soon caught on by big labels and music companies to use internet as their primary distribution platform. Although the aspect for those have anh have not a Technics are finding a hard time to get a hold of turntable from the firsthand market. Since it is out of production in 2010 by the Panasonic company who have own this Technics brand. The documentation is for the purpose of revealing how technology from today have transformed the function of this movement and created a culture of an art form musical style.


Over the years the instrument of choice is not a control surface or a device that link up with anything but is within the history of the most analogue recording format of our human history, the vinyl is a format that proceed this last century for the only play and recording medium that is still in use today. The record is only a format today where music is produced and to be sold to the masses by all others like tape, Minidisc and CD, the record format survived much into the 21st century. The vinyl or a record have transformed the culture of music just like the turntable have changed the culture of performance in music, within this last two decade, a new format for audio and visual have revolutionary not only the music culture, the digital format have created a new landscape for production forthe art and turn the world a very connected global market place but on steroids. This new file sharing culture and the internet have killed much of the physical format industries in not only music, but the aspect we play music and perform them.


The turntable from Panasonic Corp under the brand technics have absolutely dominated the DJ culture in the last 3 decades for performance DJ and artists. The dance music and Hip-hop genre had also suggested that the instrumentalist and producer is creating special tracks for records and vinyls and uniqueness in the natural texture of a record’s groove to put quality over quantity. As the mass begin to find the groove in nightclubs and dance festivals across the world, the popularity of so called underground music begins to emerge to our radio and popular media, and although the diversity of this new movement is only a small faction on the world stage as mainstream pop culture like Michael Jackson super star still have a denomination over the very super star DJs of those days. And as long as you are in the west capitalistic countries, your party will need DJ.


In the time of this publication, the documentation is already kind of out dated due to the re-release of the 3rd generation Technics Turntable.



Overall I am enjoying using the SONY SX2000 as a fieldnotes recorder, soundbites recording and sampling tool. The choice of material in starkblack matte colour is very attractive and impression on the first glance I knew it would be my go to machine on the road. The more I use this machine the looks and feel is extremely user friendly like any interface from SONY products, I give it a 4.5 stars.

The ICD-SX2000 has a Hi-Res Linear PCM recording of up to 96kHz/24bit, and comes with a new adjustable microphone which allows for zoom, wide stereo and X-Y positioning for high quality sound. At the same time, enjoy high quality playback with the new S-Master HX™ digital amplifier which supports playback of High-Resolution sound.

Also Support Sound playback on Flac, and used as an audioplayer, with built apps on iphone and android.\

Sound Device 633


In my traditions, working production equipment are often an unique choice in the markup of concepts from the expense of buying top notch gears in comparison, the use of consumer equipment, there are some short sightedness like trimmed down version of consumer grade level equipments throughout this video by Curtis Judd in the Rockies, for example if you are using sound recorders for youtube quality video sound recording. The sound capturing for pro gears are often deemed to be unnecessarily mention by Judd. His video review the SOUNDDEVICE 633, but if you are a professional artist for film Foyle and soundman at the highest end of sound mixing and capturing, investing in a Sound Device 633 would be in your own interest to create the sound from the highest end of equipment checklists and not to mentioned the video below will review the pro tips, and ideas that is necessary to pick the right professional equipment between commercial/consumer grades digital recorders like the ZOOM F8 and ZOOM H4N.

From the understanding of anything to pro gear I think it is the pricetag that is going to be your major investment and using your knowledge based to being able to understand your concept in sound design amid how your sound should turnout would be likely planned, with the artist or filmmaker and not just doing recordings without an intend of research, a lot of information can be found on internet if you look eager enough. And for soundtrack dubbing, and music the knowing of how to make foyle sound…, something I am falling back in to doing, yet is still an idea to be formed as I can hopeful to sell enough music to buy a SoundDevice633.

I find a lot of Asian filmmakers and visual artist is not communicating clearly on how sound should work with their visuals, and I am speaking out to Asian filmmakers like myself when I produce my first film I was lucky to be able to reused the sound from the DSLR camera in built sound recordings, at the time I had learnt a lot of problem after going in to post production. And then again, if you don’t try and learn your mistakes, you will not be able to see how to solve these problem next time. At the time I did not have many working footage for the film editor and in accordance to just luck really to be able to complete the film A.VISUALIST.

And also beware of solo copycats..haah, just a inside joke….

A lot of this is reference to Hong Kong Cinema, and by my case, I did noticing sound recordings without a Limiter is the main problem. From being a producer of music where I was able to find reason to work with sound engineers to learn more on sound mastering and mixing, but without working with sound and music I probably did not make it easier for myself to learn it.

I wish this blog will be able to help other to find genuine ideas to expand on their creative process uniqueness and share with their own community.

Classic Compressor – reviews


In producer’s mind when they create a track or music, there are a few tools they will constantly go back in to for mastering sound. In some aspect, the sound quality coming from a computer or recording liveset are most often used is Compressor. Myself I do not do mastering for sound and music, alternatively I always believed to let the professional do the engineering for your sound.

From sound designer to producer, sound mastering and mixdown is the most important function before delivering a track. I am not an avid for mastering sound in my production, since I spend too much time thinking just upload, and upload as I please, and those who find my music rather mediocratic should be more familiar with the post modern concept on when to upload and when do you think your music and sound is rather for mastering. I think wasting time on your engineers for middle-ware production is rather a waste of talent.

So what is a Classic Compressor, check out this article on Sound on Sound, a UK magazine based in and outside of  London. An analogue compressor is a piece of hardware to create dynamic sound compression, does say much here until you checkout these links below




Computer Music – the beginnings


List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach

Lejaren Hiller

When we think about computer; The input/output trigger transformation visual mechanism on the thought on data crunching tools or development on website for data science, **the principle rearrangements of the shape and number,** are completely intensive movement for interruption….

OF generative processes, an equality of endlessly randomizing, repeating operations, or an application particles, like luminous sound from signifying the principle of design elements of numbers and trends taboo. In shaping the language of physicality in vision

A forming in modernism and historic of mythic-ism, we are not changing characterization, and neither is the creator who are generalizing in **Space with tactical unit or grouping of movement time imp development in an oneiric motion language.**

Computer Viruses in the 80’s


What was the very first known virus written in 1981 called?

1981- The “Elk Cloner” for the Apple II Systems was created by Richard Skrenta. It infected the Apple DOS 3.3 and spread to other computers by floppy disk transfer. The “Elk Virus” was responsible for being the first computer virus to cause a massive outbreak ever in history.

The Albion One by Spitfire Audio



I would think this would be the ideal virtual instrument packages to purchase a worth spent money on yourself if you are a serious producer whom look at a huge library to begin with your album EP/ LP (Long Play.) In virtual instruments  a lots of sound this might not consider sampling or jump sound, or Sensory Cue but rather become a DIY sound archivist. The principle of collecting sound or making a library that you will not rely on just one but all kinds of recordings for each album you create that will continued to collect sound as an sample for music. Production with virtual instruments and using libraries are not necessarily a way to created or to ease your workloads. A producer will make sampling less of the task but in fact it might give you more spatial range in order to create an ontime sequence and also create more uniqueness within your music. Collecting sound from in the field of recording out of the studio is a technique to create tonal sound principles, allowing a freer sequencing or design that the producer usually would not expect to have and by intentions the outcome of producing the programme of choice will inspire a holistic approach to sound recording for musician: basically like a refreshment is mainly for the approach for sound designer and producer’s projection on their tracks when being layered.

SPITFIRE AUDIO  built the library ALBION ONE based on the Albion Volume 1 (ceased distribution of sales in 2015 3rd quarters.)