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The MusicRoom – Rhythm and Dance

Having to discovered that the world of rhythm and dance music have been at the underground scene in UK and to see that more of whom great producers and great production sounds are not only as busy as much to having to travel and play on tour. Here is a few reflections I recently encountered in the #musicroom @potatoheadhk

I like to share these tracks that have change my views on the dance music being a producer of experimental beats and ambient, the world of music producers are very much crossing all lines of discipline to arrive in a new city or another island that sending us this sentimental gift of soulful, balearic electronic sound.

Hong Kong isn’t obvious to be a destination from some of these avantgarde if you like check out what reason you think otherwise.

I was lucky to have meet with both of these masterminds. And present you their tracks I liked the most.

First two tracks are by #PeteHerbert #londonbali #passmeby

The tracks got me in to a memory swirling thru hipnotic afro drums was the last track thoughtfully played for only those intimately stayed until the very end of his set, in a low-key professional way the sound come thru from the JBL4355 #musicroom #JorgeMontiel

One of the better nights in Hong Kong dance music in my personal journey thru sound.

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