Silence – Film Review

Eoghan (Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhride) is returning to Ireland for the first time in 15 years to accept a job offer: to find and record places free from man-made sound. His quest takes him away from towns and villages into remote terrain. He becomes drawn into a series of encounters and conversations which divert his attention towards a more intangible silence, one that is bound up with the sounds of the life he had left behind.

Available to stream or download on Volta from 27th July:

**Review from The Observer**

In this highly praised movie by the Irish documentarist Pat Collins, an uneasy mixture of fact and fiction, Eoghan Mac Giolla Bhríde, one of the film’s screenwriters, plays a sound recordist making a journey across Ireland to revisit his home on the remote Tory Island off the coast of Donegal after an absence of some years. Along the way he solemnly records natural sound, has unrevealing, unremarkable conversations with a not especially varied variety of folk he meets along the way, some of them Gaelic speakers. There are interesting images, some of them from the archives, but he and the film got nowhere that stuck in my memory.

**NLS Ops**

There are some wide open soundscape, and a place like Ireland, the unsettling life from becoming drifted in sound, sounds wonderful to me.

Hong Kong is not a liason and I will not take you up for another Granada(unedited)

This might becoming once upon a time the most intensive idea of all time, the idea of our world where we prepared to accept the normalcy and status quo or intending to recreate a true happiness using all type of media and information to tell us what is within the state of Hong Kong’s unexceptable idea of freedom and openness, but indeed the position for finding that intensive recreation of a state order rather than the ideas this is preoccupying us all along with longer working hours, hateful partisans and diatribes.

Through the find of a strong believer in freewill and philiosophy of somekind, that this someone will come in to this city state to safe us by an observant, or an ideologist, or their own political state of affair; is intensively science, and or the design matter that each people could equally establish their status quo as an wealthy architect or designer lies within their power to organized or retaining their personal trait are far worst and ridiculous than having the entire world changing to be one political system. This is the dreamer and we are carrying a weapon of mass destruction so also know as unusual status of freerider, but within the complex of changes. The people in this city first does not have the preparation to create their own wealth, neither could they understand the emergency of calling for creative to not diatribe than to fall in to the their wife’s trap as I am writing this note of explicit truth of seeing entertainment in this city is not a freeriding safari, we need to also make space and time to create even if most people in Hong Kong where I am based off my entirety of effort to understand how this city is changing by an mystical source of energy. Hong Kong people, can’t speak of their own transformation but only because we are happened to be the projections of our own network, affairs and contribution in our time of transformations. Rather the effectiveness of projecting our intensive lowkey or (lowb) as people here would observe the one whom cannot walk away from the diatribe of omnipotence.

In here, Hong Kong owes a lot of people around the world to be able to trade friendship or whoever they might think that business relations can become more worsen that human are bother much by the mechanical design of human copy loyalist… In fact if one see creativity is a poor man’s appreciation of their liberalic statement, than I have nothing more to say but to bandwagon the sudo Champagne drinker and their complete oxymoron friends to just listen to these people from within this sinkhole and where we are really going to go in 5 to 10 years. We are running out of time to make joke about giving way to the larger society and scheme that micro-manager think is more important than the majority of cultural establishment of China. I am a freelance writer and what are you going to ask me to do if I know intensive mechanical reproduction are your only second chance to recreate your marco status in the world of strive, success and free city. Those whom listen to be paid by taxpayer’s, those who carry the salaryman’s crime or to those youth who are staying rebel at the heart will nonetheless, say calm down, no one wants to hear you complaint, or calling it is not a manifestation of design, but that the origin of species are intensive rented by the growing thinking of another occupancies, and subjectivities of knowing that the law, the system architecture cannot be happen or end over a fortnight; and as it must be indeed we are not working for China, than you might as well ship out and pack it in, but would that look solemly asking if this is a political stanza thought, it must again seemed odd to continue to design human or engineer the human/citizen of Hong Kong to look more important for China’s majority of the real Chinese culturalist. More than enough for this exposition on subjectivity is not the truth, but the lies within the plot of Hong Kong citizen’s status, but from impact of selectively connecting and bothering with an artistry, I have to speak my mind once more of someone knowingly is influential now to find it harder to hold on to the knowhow by asking people in this city to “meet their proper identity crisis” but are so much more to ask themselves that if you are a consensus of normalcy in the order of an conservationist, and just like in everywhere including the people humanly could possibly write this nothe, than ask yourself a question is what can I contribute if not just an opinion of slow pace music but with some thought just how bias Hong Kong’s people’s theory to set off their given ideologies to the world that they are decent, equal and philosophical?

To think that everyone is onboard of this sinking ship of one country two system. Inner that sanctuary! No battery included!

Update Notes: How many birds species still existing today and listening to the sound of different birds chirp is much important and direct to be thinking many sound will continue to exist into the future to the sound archeologist to do preservation, but it is never a popular way to exist in slow pace music and it is a matter of fact the Rashomon story is strikethrough the motherboards.

2K-BOX and the future of music(Asia)

In the precise manner of speaking, I am getting abit over anger at some of these Asia nations, mostly become of some, timely and untold ideas to differentiate independent film producer, or music(producer) within the APAC, that we no longer could make proceedings with self-censorship. As in this case for piracy or copyrights, or from dealing with royalties or on the behalf of adaptations, on musical freedom from playbook(society of playing copyrighted materials,) this on one hand they play their games of “12 Angry Men” and then formalize this perspective of the act of international organization for multi-nations bipartian, or “bomboclatt” from the entry act of storytelling and then they act on their other head(s.) like intellectuals wannabe.

It is very obvious to everybody playing the double-standard for a (Dire Strait) rather than double take, artfully. This act is often assumed if anything but alright with the local is alright in theory (no-such-thing….)

The withstanding of nothingness is believed that the interest of listening to dance music has not gained much by the trust of the establishments, rather by this integral strength of the producers themselves, they are really a body without organs and without any advances on progress or support from foreign devils (wham!)

This fear comes from the usual raven, and by taking up penmanship, these thoughts goes out to those (REM) whom thinks only towards pop culture and generalization of those whom find cultural assassination is a processing or a boycott and byproduct of activist, blacklister and freedom to downloads in consent. Our copyleft of free-software foundations(Opensource) are in nomansland, or in these kind of perspective of negative PSA in APAC, there is nothing more about branding, but organization from the following spectulation of formula studies.

1.National interest (GDP/automata)

2.Information retrieval (productions in all form of content)

3.Racial for socialism for the improvement on popular culture (policy in arts)

4.Musica’ for identical in cultural censorships (copyrights/content/ownerships)

5.Banality and dogmatic (system architect)



Many time interviews are missing from proposed project. Here is a designed interview for or VDMX creator and their collective PURE/Dekam
1: Music scene in your Performance, how did it commence, was it in Vienna?

I started performing while in graduate studies at Rensselaer in upstate New York. At first I worked a lot with Steim’s Big Eye, which was arguably the first video tracking software. It was also around this time I started coding my own visual software, working with Max. After much research and development, I formed VIDVOX and quit my day job.

Around the turn of the century, I made my way to Europe where I met two influential collaborators, Jasch and Pure. Jasch and I first started performing together as DYAD. On our first tour we did a show in Vienna organized by PURE at Club Rhiz, which eventually led to our working together as PURE DEKAM. Both projects ran more or less in parallel for approx 5 years with various small tours, workshops, and festival appearances. (DEAF, SONAR, SONIC ACTS, PIXELACHE, MUTEK etc.)
2.To imaging and imagination, science/science fiction your only inspiration?

My mother raised us on sci-if paperbacks and Star Trek. We subscribed to ‘OMNI’ magazine. There was definitely a strong Sci-Fi influence in my home growing up. My art school studies were in Detroit. It was the early 90’s and the ‘peak’ of Detroit techno / house music, all the while surrounded by this rust belt, urban decay, dystopic, blade runner-esque city. It was (and still is I imagine) a perfect storm for creativity. I am very fond of Detroit.

3.MEGO – the labels, where other people have you worked with in AV labels?

I came to MEGO via PURE who had his own subsidiary called “d0c”. We had a single release as a PURE DEKAM, which incidentally was paid for by the French government through a residency in Renne. I have to say I have had very little luck over the years in terms of visual labels, the model came too late I think.

As my career progressed I became much more involved in the music industry with large scale concert productions. I think many of us ‘early’ VJs have grown into this pursuit, as ‘visual designers’, ‘video directors’ and so on. Through it all, the trajectory has been live performance, rather than releases. Now I have come full circle. I’m returning to software and art, shifting my work from the road to the studio.

4.What do you think of analogue formats in Audiovisual, is there any left overs?

It is important to distinguish the term analogue as more than simply an electronic technique, but rather an aesthetic with a rich history of video art and pioneers. It is easy for the young VJ to completely ignore this history, but it is there and always will be. There is a strong movement of people working on analogue equipment with modern sensibilities. I especially like LZW industries who manufactures modular video synthesis hardware. There are also those who lovingly restore and archive the old hardware; the Rutt Etra’s, the Fairlights and so on. I keep a small collection of 80’s era vintage equipment, as sometimes you just need ‘that look’ of a tube camera, or Panasonic DSK lumakey. Right now is the perfect time to collect, because so much of the gear is being discarded by broadcasters and the like.


Computer Music – the beginnings

List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach

Lejaren Hiller

When we think about computer; The input/output trigger transformation visual mechanism on the thought on data crunching tools or development on website for data science, **the principle rearrangements of the shape and number,** are completely intensive movement for interruption….

OF generative processes, an equality of endlessly randomizing, repeating operations, or an application particles, like luminous sound from signifying the principle of design elements of numbers and trends taboo. In shaping the language of physicality in vision

A forming in modernism and historic of mythic-ism, we are not changing characterization, and neither is the creator who are generalizing in **Space with tactical unit or grouping of movement time imp development in an oneiric motion language.**