The Art of Turning nobbs

I understand this affair of the art of DJing and performance moral, but if we are to honor ourself mutally  the next generation of DJs VJs or performance artist on Social Networks, maybe it’s time to pay the artists to actually have enough time to prepare their contents and respect the local talents by furthering exchange of social status and space for the next generation of producers and performance artists. Any producer want to send me demo please email me at especially if you are in Hong Kong and Mainland China, I will find time to publish your work online.


Jimmy Howe

London Modular

Definitely, this has been on my mind building a wall of modular(wall of sound, And perhaps understand how analog sound work)

An analog recordings in music in ways to offer for sound arts And is continuing to offer influence in music including the electronic music.

As a producer to choose between Digital vs Analogue. In sound design and sound production. Computer music is the new field of studies, and we must file footed, I’m walking this in a  stride and respectable manner. Whenever you see how modular sound can be understand us or we as a further away functionalist to keep explaining how it is make…, for programmers and electronic Das musicians.