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Superargoproject by Francesco Bolognini

SuperArgoProject was born in 2015, when multi-instrumentalist Francesco Bolognini decided to retire to the tranquillity of his country home to focus on laying down his first album as a solo artist.

In fact, before unveiling SUPERARGOPROJECT, Francesco had already been active on the Italian and European alternative music scene for many years.

After moving from his Southern Italian hometown of Taranto to Bologna in 1999, he joined noise-rock/post-punk/garage group CUT as a drummer.

With CUT, he released several records and played countless shows for more than a decade.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Francesco has also been a member of Permanent Fatal Error, an experimental outfit led by French musician Olivier Manchion, of Ulan Bator’s fame.

Furthemore, Francesco was involved in the Italian branch of the Damo Suzuki’s Network, accompanying the former Can singer on his first Italian tours.

Recently, he has joined Iosonouncane’s touring band: Iosonouncane is currently one of Italy’s most valued independent singer/songwriters.

These and several other projects led him to perform more than 500 live shows, during regular Italian and international tours.

Nevertheless, some time ago Francesco felt the need to concentrate on his own electronic brainchild, SUPERARGOPRJECT. Characterised by an emotional, dark and threatening sound, SAPJ aims both at the earth and at the guts of its listeners.  As someone has put it: ‘it’s like finding yourself alone in the woods at night, moments before murder is going to happen’. The SUPERARGOPROJECT sonic palette ranges from ambient to soundtrack music and from abstract soundscapes to pure noise. This is music out of any possible box or pigeonhole: it is the result of many years of sound research and experimentation carried out by its creator within the electronica genre.

So beware because SUPERARGOPROJECT has now been unleashed unto the world by Hong Kong’s NLS Records: don’t venture into the woods without your own copy!

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