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Classic Compressor – reviews

In producer’s mind when they create a track or music, there are a few tools they will constantly go back in to for mastering sound. In some aspect, the sound quality coming from a computer or recording liveset are most often used is Compressor. Myself I do not do mastering for sound and music, alternatively I always believed to let the professional do the engineering for your sound.

From sound designer to producer, sound mastering and mixdown is the most important function before delivering a track. I am not an avid for mastering sound in my production, since I spend too much time thinking just upload, and upload as I please, and those who find my music rather mediocratic should be more familiar with the post modern concept on when to upload and when do you think your music and sound is rather for mastering. I think wasting time on your engineers for middle-ware production is rather a waste of talent.

So what is a Classic Compressor, check out this article on Sound on Sound, a UK magazine based in and outside of  London. An analogue compressor is a piece of hardware to create dynamic sound compression, does say much here until you checkout these links below

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