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Another Visualist Manifesto

I will be at the festival next weekend

a manifesto about performance and technologies

As the progress of internet architecture in scale progression on the landscape, I am within an acceptable loudness and has become an associate on the newly formed plasticity

As a producer producing tracks that are mostly on how to create a louder, non-classification and I am only capable of acceptance from the sameness in knowing that they have come in hands and are whom on the technological forth front of the mere group of outcoming. It is us and of them knowledge on the undisruptive flow of sound. The accord is on how much harder we have to choose and from an array of instruments the newest setup of tools and choice on our producers that have over been here a few decades ago, therefore we should have an ensembles of weird, structure and uncategorize functions within the entire collection of sounds and art and musical genesis…in even if we know how dance the movement or other stuff, formalized in sound and purposes for performances. So de musique du lethargic can be in actuality reflected to the post-humans performance as a diverse specifica au pre-temps.

In the absence of electronic visual music and with the control in the centralization of real values therefore within the accountable human design, how much do we stress upon in order to progress by an idea but not bunch of ideologies that could prevent us the unnecessary stress on the conditionals and thousands plateaus.



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